Faith-Based Dating

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just Say No to Hollywood

I was watching a movie on TV about the life of Bruce Lee. In the story, Bruce was dating a Caucasian girl and they went out to see a movie. The movie they watched was a comedy, where an Asian character was depicted in a degrading way. Everyone, including Bruce's date, was laughing because they thought it was funny. But when the girl turned to Bruce, she noticed that he wasn't laughing. In fact, she could tell from his facial expressions that Bruce was not amused. Bruce was insulted instead. So she told him "Let's get out of here." This made me wonder. Today, there is no shortage of TV shows or movies that are offensive to Christians, especially to Catholics. Many Christians and Catholics would react the same way as Bruce Lee did, when they see shows or movies that denigrate or ridicule Catholics or Christians. So maybe, we should show the same courage as Bruce's date and refuse to continue watching these types of TV shows and movies. We may not be able to change Hollywood, but at least we can stand up for our principles and do the right thing.

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